dimash ファーストアルバム iD ついに発売 dimash’s first album iD finally released


dimash ファーストアルバム iD ついに発売 dimash’s first album iD finally released

中国のみで販売されていたディマシュのファーストアルバム iD が、ついに itune など世界中で発売されました。



Lay Down はシングルとして先行発売されていたけど、このアルバムのために作られた曲なのだと思います。


中国ではディマシュはアイドル扱い。Dearsも中国のDearsは若い! 当然ですが、騒ぎ方も若い娘らしく熱狂的です。ディマシュも若い男性だから、こうして若い女の子にキャーキャー言われるのはうれしいに決まってます(笑)






イーゴルさんの曲や、sos のような本格的なずっと後世に残るような歌を歌っていってほしいです。

イーグルさんが作曲した  Ogni Pietra  これも、中国とのプロダクションとの契約があるから、発売できないのでしょか???


いずれにせよ、ディマシュがアーティストとして最大限に実力を発揮できて、活動しやすい方向に進んでくれればいいなぁ 💓

Dimash’s first album iD, which was sold only in China, was finally released worldwide, including itune.

I got it right away.

The songs we have included were heard from the people who bought them when they were sold in China, but they all are the songs we have used to date.

Lay Down was pre-released as a single, but I think it is a song created for this album.

Since Dimash has a contract with a Chinese production, the selection of these songs will not change the composition that it will be released in China in advance. It’s an adult situation.

In China, Dimash is treated as an idol. Dears also Chinese Dears are young! Naturally, how to make a noise is also a young girl and enthusiastic. Since Dimash is also a young man, I am happy to be told that this is a young girl.

But I do have an expiration date! !

The song is not only a song that makes use of Demash’s singing ability, but is it only me who feels like a song that feels like a light singing song for young children? ? ?

A market of 1.3 billion people in China would be attractive in Dimashside too …

In other countries, I feel that there are many Dears who recognize Dimash as a talented singer. So there are many mature Dears. Money will be dropped for Dimash, and there is a high possibility that he will support you for a long time.

Even if you are bored as an idol in China, Dimash has the strength of being able to work in other countries for the rest of your life.

I want you to sing songs by Igor Krutoy, and songs that will last for a long time, such as sos.

Mr. Eagle composed Ogni Pietra This is also a production deal with China, so can’t it be released? ? ?

The circumstances of adults are very difficult. It is difficult for us to understand Dimash’s activities, and there are circumstances in which we do not understand it.

In any case, I hope that Dimash will be able to demonstrate his full potential as an artist and move in a direction that is easy to work with.






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